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It’s Felicia! Today’s review is of D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths by Ingri and Edgar D’aulaire’s.

I’ve mentioned before that both my girls are really into Greek mythology after being introduced to it with the Percy Jackson series. They absolutely love their Camp Half Blood t-shirts and Greek mythology encyclopedias to the point this scene actually occurred last week at my home:

My neighbor gave my daughters a few Old Testament coloring books. My five year old opens the first book and sees the apple tree from the Garden of Eden and exclaims, “Oh wow! Hera’s golden apple tree! Where’s Ladon?” My seven year old turns the page and sees the dove associated with Noah’s ark and exclaims, “Oh look! It’s Nemesis! Goddess of Revenge!”

My friend, Darren, found out about my daughter’s love (obsession) with this subject he rushed out and bought them his favorite Greek mythology book from his childhood. This book has been in print for forty years and I can see why. The stories run smoothly as each god, minor god, and descendant of Zeus is introduced. The tales even follow what seems to be a chronological order beginning with the Titans and finishing up with the Helen of Troy.


The stories are also not sugar coated. Asclepius dies when Zeus obliterates him into a pile of ashes with a lightning bolt and Icarus still falls into the sea and dies. The pictures are splendid and bring the myths to life. Some are bright and colorful while others are monochromatic. My girls pore over them and when I read to them out loud, they demand to see each one in detail before I turn the page.

I love that my girls are into Greek mythology. I feel it has really opened their imagination. Instead of pretending to be princesses, they pretend that they are Artemis or Athena, which are strong female characters and I really love that.

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