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It’s Felicia!  Today’s review is of The Book of When by Laura Jaffé.

I love going into Half Price books because a lot of times I find out of print books and books that bookstores would never carry. It is a huge dumping ground of old favorite children’s books. That is where I found this week’s book, The Book of When by Laura Jaffé.

When did people start looking at themselves in the mirror? Well, I am glad that you asked. I can find the answer to that on page eleven.

A brief description of mirror’s roles in books such as Snow White gets the topic rolling with a mention of Narcissus who used a pond as a mirror brings us to the our answer.


Mirrors were designed thousands of years ago, but until the fourteenth century, they were made of rounded polished metal. The answer concludes with areas that mirrors can be found and why they are important.

This book really breaks it down and there are all sorts of wonderful questions in the book.

When do people get old? When does lightening strike? When does life start? When was Santa Claus born? When are we allowed to lie? That answer may come in handy for my daughter who just told her violin teacher that she was boring! White lies, kids, white lies!

These questions and many more are thoughtfully answered in this book! The best part, this book is part of a three book series. The other books include, “The book of Why” and “The Book of How”. Both my five and seven year old seem to enjoy the book we have, so I cannot wait to find the other two on Amazon!

Go HERE to get it.  Or better yet, shop local and head to Brazos Bookstore!

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