Laugh Out Loud Jokes For Kids by Rob Elliot – Books for Kids to Read

It’s Felicia! Today’s review is of Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids by Rob Elliot.

Believe it or not, joke books greatly improved both my children’s reading. At some point, they were too small to read Percy Jackson but had grown bored of picture books so when I bought my older daughter this Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids her interest was renewed!

Joke books are a perfect bridge to chapter books. The words are mostly basic and the sentences are still simple, but there is word play and knock knock jokes! For a brand new reader, this is the perfect way to have fun with words and secretly improve reading skills!!

When I bought my older daughter this joke book in preschool, she took it everywhere that she went for months. It was by her side at nap time at school, at dinner and bedtime. She read it morning, noon and night! The joke book contained about 1,000 jokes and a 1,000 times funnier she did become.


Sometimes she would read the jokes out loud and would not really understand the humor but it was really fun and amazing to watch as she grew older learn why a pun or a knock knock joke was hilarious. I was always okay with her not understanding all the jokes because she was learning to read words like hippopotamus, bouquet and indigestion as she followed me around day and night with her book!

We loved this book and have recently retired it to little sister’s bookshelf! My older daughter and I love hearing her giggle as she reads this at bedtime!

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