BigKidSmallCity’s Favorite Houston Events for this Weekend: December 27, 2013 – January 1, 2014

Here are my favorite things to do in Houston this weekend!

I’ve been telling you how I have to record this clip over and over to get it right.  I can talk in front of a crowd but not a little MP3 player.  In front of people, I can see the reaction and adjust my message.  With a recorder, my message is just what it is.

I guess the same goes for BigKidSmallCity in general.  Without comments or feedback, I can’t modify my message.  So please leave me comments on posts, Facebook or Twitter!

Now for the audio clip!  Let me give you my favorite events for the weekend.


Listen to my favorite events for the weekend of December 27, 2013. For the full list of weekend events, go HERE!   I hope it helps you plan your weekend!


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