The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series) by Rick Riordan – Books for Kids to Read

It’s Felicia!  Today’s review is of The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series) by Rick Riordan

I have heard that the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series is a lot like the Harry Potter books and after reading a few of the books I can certainly see the similarities.

An orphan boy, a smart girl side kick, a dweeby boy side kick, and a special school are just a few similarities that Rick Rioden borrowed from J.K. Rowling. Did that stop my oldest from blazing through this book in a couple of days? Not at all.

In fact she may have even enjoyed it more than the Harry Potter books because of the funny approach that Rioden took. For instance, Medusa is just a lady who is running a ‘statue store’ called Gnome Emporium.


With Rowling’s influence, combined with modern Greek gods and goddesses and their half human children called “half bloods”, this book is really just fun reading.

“The Lightening Thief” is about a boy, named Percy Jackson, who has been kicked out of many boarding schools. He has dyslexia, ADHD , does not know for sure who his father is, and for some reason trouble always seems to follow him.  Before being kicked out of his current boarding school, he is attacked by a monster who also happens to be his math teacher. He manages to defeat her and the course is set for him to discover who he really is.

Percy begins his new special school, Half Blood Camp, he discovers that his father is Poseidon, and learns the cause for his dyslexia and ADHD is that his mind is programmed for ancient Greek and wired for hunting, respectively.  I personally love the idea of an Odysseus-type hero with dyslexia and ADHD; he also clearly adores his mother.

There are so many details in this book that I love and the hero’s quest that Percy follows to the underworld definitely engaged my oldest daughter. I will probably read it a bed time to my youngest very soon!

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