You Asked BigKidSmallCity! How to teach your kids compassion.

You AskedDoes BigKidSmallCity have suggestions for good opportunities to volunteer in the community with their kids? Some opportunities might be a little too real for 4 and 5 year olds.

I think (hope) you can teach compassion by setting a good example.  Some ideas for little kids:

1.  Consider asking for donations instead of birthday gifts and letting the child decide where the money goes.  Instead of getting random gifts at a party, each child can bring a few dollars (or and item like canned food).  The child can then help to deliver the donation.

We do this with our birthday parties. Our children still gets a few gifts from family don’t seem to miss the extras.  Plus, they like deciding where the money will go and seeing what it can do.


2.  Consider getting involved yourself and then including the kids.  For example, grandma is very involved with Operations Pets Alive.  She fosters dogs, visits shelters and spends weekends at pet adoption events.  Because of this, my kids have spent a lot of time caring for the fosters, visiting shelters and attending adoption events.  They are passionate about rescuing animals, without knowing that they are passionate about rescuing animals.

Maybe the animal shelter is not for you, but maybe it is the Houston Food Bank or another organization where you want to help. Check out Volunteer Houston for more ideas.

3.  Say thank you.  Final a local organization and say “thank you”.  Make cards or bake cookies for the local fire department, police station or nursing home.

These are my ideas.  What are yours?


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