Books for Kids to Read – Return to Foreverware

Halloween is almost here and my kids and I are super excited since it is our favorite holiday.  In spirit of this spooky holiday, all month I will be reviewing creepy books with the first one being Return to Foreverware, the first book in the Eerie Indiana series.

Do you guys remember watching “Eerie Indiana” as a kid? If you don’t, think of it as basically “The Twilight Zone”, for children. It is not overly scary and is can be quite funny at times.

My kids love watching the reruns on Netflix streaming and I am pretty sure this summer for about a month, it was their sole reason for living. “Eerie Indiana” has two main characters, one being a boy named Marshall Teller who has moved from New Jersey to Eerie and his sidekick, Simon. In the television program, they solve all the strange occurrences in their “normal” town.

Mike Ford has done an incredible job retelling in Return to Foreverware, his first book based on the series.   The characters are still very weird and he does an excellent job of repeating everything that the television episode covered.


I love that he has written about the town by bringing Marshall Teller back in a different medium, but am disappointed that he has not taken the characters in his own direction to find other adventures and unravel other mysteries in this curious town.

Still, my daughters love this book, which is about a family who has stayed young by sleeping in powerful, preserving Tupperware-like storage containers.  When the matriarch of the family keeps her twins sons at a middle school age for decades, they reach out to Marshall for help. He pops open their containers after bedtime and they in turn pop open their mothers.

By morning, they all look like they have had a peek in the Ark of the Covenant from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and the boys are now middle aged men.

Buy this book HERE from Amazon in time for Halloween! AND if you have never seen Eerie Indiana, check this series out on Netflix instant streaming.  Look hard and you will even spot a young Toby Maguire in one of the episodes!

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