Houston Recognized as a One of America’s Greenest Cities + One More Can for Garbage Man Joe

We’ve always thought Houston was one of the Greatest Cities in America… but it turns out it is also one of the Greenest.  We love our cars and our adore our energy jobs, but we are happy to see Houston is making the city better for our kids.

We think that walking, biking and public transit are the best ways to experience the city.  We drive plenty, but like that Houston has more options, like the B-Cycles, for getting around.  We also like the new recycle bins rolling out around the city.  Not only do they give Garbage Man Joe an extra can, and therefore an extra quarter, on recycle day, they also allow us to recycle a lot more!

It looks like I’m not the only one that has noticed the changes.  Houston was recently recognized it as one of “America’s Greenest Cities”.  Check out the fun infographic below.

America's Greenest Cities: Houston

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