You Asked BigKidSmallCity!

You Asked

How old is BigKidSmallCity? turned 2 years old this summer.  And I got so busy that I forgot to celebrate the birthday.

The good news is that I have so far remembered all my children’s birthdays.

When I started the blog, I was expecting Baby James, my 3rd child, and feeling trapped in my house.  I saw other mothers out and about and I decided that this is what I wanted to do. was created to motivate myself and to encourage other parents of young children.


At the start, had about 10 page views a day, and I think they were mostly from my mom and my friend, Felicia.  Early on, I had decided to post 3 times a day to build up my site.  I’m a very determined (hard-headed) person and kept with this for the 1st year.

Along the way I tried different types of posts and learned what I liked and what was popular.  For a while I had a Turn on the Oven Tuesday post, which I abandoned when I decided I did not have time to do everything, I was a terrible cook and, frankly, I just hated turning on the oven.  (Coincidentally, if you like to turn on the oven, I have a weekly spot for you on BigKidSmallCity!)

I also wrote about Joe the Garbage Man.  Joe had started his little Garbage Can Service and I wrote about it to fill space.  And to my surprise, this was very popular and attracted local and national media attention.

And, of course, I wrote about Houston.  And eventually I got some of my own media attention.

As I found what worked (worked = post had good feedback & writing it did not make me crazy), I started to set a schedule for posts.  And then it got exciting… People wanted to contribute.

Felicia, Shanna, Juliette, Alex, Sunni and others have contributed to weekly posts.  And the Facebook Fans have helped answer reader questions and provide regular feedback.

For most of the 2 years, was an online community.  It was just before the 2nd birthday that we decided to meet up in real-life.  We’ve had nearly 10 meet-ups this summer and it has been great to meet other Houston parents in person, and not from just behind the computer screen.

So where will we be for’s 3rd birthday?  It’s hard to say.  But I do know that everything we have accomplished so far could not have happened without your support.  Thank you!


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