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Are you a full time blogger?
I’m a full time mom, a full time blogger and a full time electrical engineer.  I like being an engineer, I love being a blogger and I adore being a mom to my 3 kids.  As an engineer, I work for a big telecommunications company, designing mobile devices like tablets and cell phones.  I am very fortunate to do this job from my home office and travel to customer sites a few times a month.  Since I work mainly with the west coast and Asia, my mornings are often free.  On the flip side, I work very late in the evening to keep up with the other time zones.

How do you make time to do it all?
I’m busy, but no busier than anyone else living life with children.  I think that no matter how many kids you have or how many jobs you do, you are maxed out.  You just make things work your way, and not the way that lady at Target or daycare or the family reunion suggests you do things.

Since creating, I’ve made a deliberate effort to give up tasks that are not important to me.  When I spent my free time cleaning, and my kids made a mess 10 minutes later, I was frustrated.  Now I don’t worry about the dust and go on adventures instead.  And, while we are out and about, no mess is being made at my house.  Along the same lines, I quit spending time cooking.  We eat dinner of course, but if I make it, it’s usually all the vegetables in the house, tossed in a pan.  And I stopped spending time shopping for boring things.  Instead of dragging 3 kids through an hour long trip to the mega-store, I shop online as much as possible.  (When I go shopping, it’s at a local store and it is in search of treasures!)  These little changes give me just enough time to explore Houston with my kids.


And finally, I’ll tell you the secret to how I maintain some sanity…  I pay someone to fold my laundry.  I wash it, they fold it.  This is the trick that keeps the Jarvis house running.



  1. Great post! I love how you said it all : )

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