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Address:   1901 Sunset Blvd, Houston, Texas

This is Shanna!  My kids, ages 6 and 4, are on a mission to visit a new Houston park each week this summer.  This week we visited Fleming Park.

Fleming Park Small Playground
Located just to the north of Rice University, Fleming Park has character and lots of fun things to do. The play equipment here is all wood and metal and the kids loved climbing the stairs and chain ladder; crossing the bridges; and sliding down the slides, fireman’s pole and helix.


Fleming Park Monkey Bars
There is also a swing set and a separate taller slide as well as cowboy-themed monkey bars. There are three different kinds of animal spring riders and two small stationary horses that the kids sat on, stood on, and jump off of.

Then they were off to the pull-up bars located across the grassy area. These have several different heights so are great for doing flips too!

Nearby are tennis courts and areas for basketball and baseball, and there are picnic tables scattered throughout the park.

Fleming Park Big Playground
Unlike a lot of other parks that use mulch in the fall zones, Fleming Park has pebbles. My kids spent about half the time they were here just playing in the rocks. They looked for treasures (acorns, twigs, and especially pretty pebbles) and played with the shovels, buckets, toy construction equipment and other sand toys that we brought. They also enjoyed looking for birds nesting in the totem pole.

If you are visiting Fleming Park in the (very!) early morning or in the evening, you may want to walk or drive the few blocks to Rice University to see the light sequence at James Turrell’s “Twilight Epiphany” Skyspace. We haven’t gone yet, but I am planning to take the kids when sunset isn’t so late. Free reservations for the sunset sequence are required. If you want more details look here.

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