Brazos Bookstore $15 Giftcard Giveaway!

JamesYou probably know by now… BigKidSmallCity has a crush on Brazos Bookstore and their children’s room.  And because of this, we’re giving away another $15 giftcard to Brazos Bookstore! 

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4. Leave a comment on THIS POST telling how you feel about school starting in a couple of weeks!

On August 9, 2013 I will randomly select 1 winner using Good luck!


  1. Sad, because we won't be able to have as many adventures, but I'm also looking forward to those couple of hours a day when I can get actually get stuff done without interruption!

  2. We can’t wait till school starts! Since my little one isn’t in school yet it means all the places we love to go, the zoo, museums, etc, will be nice and quiet.

  3. Comment is for Eve Hamouie… now entered in contest too!

  4. I have mixed feelings about school starting. Samuel needs to be in school and with kids. And we need routine. But I enjoy the laziness of Summer.

  5. L.E. Fernandez says:

    I am excited, yet dreading it. I am a working mom and teacher. I have my own daughter returning to school and I myself am returning to the classroom to teach a brand new group of kids. YAY me!!

  6. Nervous and excited! My kids will be starting mother’s day out for the first time.

  7. Disbelief! Where did the summer go!

  8. I am sad because we won’t be able to spend as much time together, but at the same time excited about the new adventures the next grade level brings.

  9. Its a love/hate relationship. I love how excited they are to make new friends and learn new things, but it feels like the days go by so much faster 🙁 they are already growing up to quick. Also nervous because I will be going back to school too!! Eeeeepppp! I’m so nervous! Wish us luck 🙂

  10. I am sooo looking forward to my girls starting up MDO out again : ) I need some time to run errands and just get stuff done! : )

  11. I will be glad when school starts back because so many places won’t be as crowded. My daughter stayed in MDO all summer so our schedule stayed the same. We will take more probiotics because this time of year usually brings more illness spread!

  12. I will miss the slower-paced mornings. It’s hard to get outta the house by 730. I yawn just thinking about it! But we are excited we have a few more weeks for adventures 🙂

  13. Challenged as it will be 2d grade for my older son and 1st year in school for my youngest. With both of us working full time, we know we'll need to boost our energy level to get everything done day after day… Excited for the kids though!

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