$20 Mission Burrito Giftcard Giveaway

99 cent Munchkin Meals5If you had to guess 1 place that the BigKidSmallCity crew might be during meal time, you should pick Mission Burrito.  We love the food and the playground at the West Alabama location.  So this week we’re giving away another $20 Mission Burrito Giftcard!

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4. Leave a comment on THIS POST telling what you look for in a kids birthday party venue.  (You know we have birthday parties on the brain here at BKSC!)

On August 16, 2013 I will randomly select 1 winner using RANDOM.org.  Good Luck!


  1. I look for a venue that is very kid friendly and very helpful throughout the whole process.

  2. Somewhere that makes the whole process easy. I found most places to be roughly the same price so getting the right person makes a huge difference. Most of the time we have had parties somewhere we regularly go anyway.

  3. Someplace cool since my kids have summer birthdays! And w a bathroom (made the mistake of having a party at a park with no bathroom one year).

  4. Melissa Page says:

    Venue that has plenty of space, is entertaining for kids and reasonably priced.

  5. I also have a child with a summer birthday so indoors is preferable.

  6. My biggest factor right now is somewhere age appropriate. For a 3 year old boy it seems that most of the little kid places seem too young/babyish, but he isn’t ready for the bigger parties (roller skating, jumping places, laser tag). Also- I don’t want it to seem rushed- we’ve gone to some where it feels like they are just trying to rush all the kids along from one activity to the next and they don’t seem to get a chance to play or eat or enjoy.

  7. Someplace fun and different for the kiddos but not too pricey! Want the whole package of course!

  8. When it comes to selecting a birthday venue, age appropriateness for guests seems to rule the decision more than anything else, but the package price is pretty high on the list as well : ) If the price limits the number of guests, I’ll opt for something else so I can invite more friends : )

  9. I look for a hassle free spot. Someone that provides decorations and fun activities so I just have to supply the cake.

  10. I look for a venue that is unique and can offer my child a new experience and something memorable. A birthday is a special time and I always want it to be somewhere my child hasn’t been to before or can offer something different from the norm.

  11. Active, fun and cheap!

  12. Krissy Harper says:

    Definitely with in budget. Someplace that has lots of room to move around. We are really just getting to the age to start looking around so this is new territory for us. My son needs some place he can be VERY active!

  13. I like to be creative and different all within a small budget!

  14. Some place clean, fun and close to home. Reasonably priced and what is included are important too.

  15. I look for a place that is flexible, unique, fun, and reasonably priced.

  16. Kristie Belding says:

    I look for how much bang I can get for a buck. It has to appeal to a wide range of kiddos and not be too complicated. Recently we did CiCi’s and a dollar show for 10 kids under 8yrs (all in the same complex).

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