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You AskedWe have been collecting questions and decided to start answering them here each week.

These are real questions and real answers.  We’ll feature any question as long as it’s polite and appropriate for our audience!

This week’s questions were sent in from different sources, but since they are about my “family planning”, I’ll answer them together.

Why so many kids, so close together?
A man at Fiesta once informed me that I was reproducing at a rapid rate.  I don’t think 3 is that many but it seems like 3 kids, 2 years apart, is a lot to some.


This wasn’t my original plan.  I was going to have my kids 3 years apart.  But, when Joe was 7 months old I got very sick.  I lost sight in my right eye and found out I had optic neuritis.  This is commonly a presenting sign of MS, but after many MRIs and a spinal tap, nothing was conclusive.  MS is very tricky and the MRI or spinal tap can be clear one day and show problems the next.  Still, the doctors never figured out what was attacking my optic nerve.  But I did hear them say that if it is not MS, you don’t even want to hear about the other possibilities.

After a week of intravenous steroids and I was back to normal.  I had also decided that if chances were high that I could have a hidden illness, and I wanted to have more kids, I had better get moving.  So, Brooke was born 22 months after Joe.

Now, once you have 2 kids, why not have a 3rd kid 28 months later?  This was James.

As for the optic neuritis, I have not had another issue since 2008.  My theory, based on no medical information at all, is that it was brought on by the large amounts of Diet Coke I used to drink.  I dropped fake sugar and now drink large amounts of iced tea.

 How do you get out of the house with so many young kids?
We just put one foot in front of the other.  It’s not always pretty, but we get ourselves out the door.

For school, we don’t have much choice.  We need to wake up and get to school.  For our outings, we find it is best to go first thing in the morning or on the way home from school or appointments.  If we stay home too long and get busy with playing and projects, it is really hard to get the Jarvis family moving.

Also, the other secret is that Baby James takes naps and eats in the stroller and car seat.  This poor guy has no set schedule or routine.  Coincidentally, he’s also turning into my most easy going kid.

How many kids do you want to have?
A lot.  I want 4 biological kids and to adopt 4 more (later).  But, it turns out that kids take a lot of time and money.  So I’ll stick to 3 for now and do the best I can raising them.


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