Listening Vessels in Discovery Green – Unique Things to Do in Houston!

We have reviewed Discovery Green’s Listening Vessels before, but now we have video on how great they are!

These 2 limestone sculptures have concave interiors that focus sound waves. You can sit in 1 vessel and be heard in the 2nd vessel that is 70 feet away.

These Listening Vessels are tucked away in the Wortham Foundation Gardens in Discovery Green. If you are at the playground or the stage, you may not even know they are there. If you walk over towards the Hilton, you will find these waiting to amaze you.

In this video, I’m sitting 70 feet away from Brooke as she sings the ABCs in the other vessel.



If you haven’t visited these yet, but sure to add it to your to-do list.  It’s free, fun and out-of-the-ordinary!


  1. Tiffany N Adam says:

    Yay Brooke!

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