Ervan Chew Park (aka Dunlavy Park) – Visiting Houston’s Parks, One Week at a Time

Address:  4502 Dunlavy, Houston, Texas
Cost: Free!
Appropriate Age: Any Age

Ervan Chew Park is a great little park in the Museum District.  It is located just south of Richmond on Dunlavy and has a splashpad, playground, basketball court, baseball field, picnic tables and dog park.

There are 2 playground structures and swings under the giant oak trees. One is small for toddlers and one is big enough, with slides, steps, ladders and monkey bars, to entertain the big kids.

My kids love this park and call it the blue swing park.  Why?  Because it’s not the red swing park next to the Menil.  They enjoy climbing on the equipment and walking along the little retaining wall like a balance beam.  But what they really love is the splashpad.


There is a button that turns on the water on-demand.  The water tuns off automatically on a timer, and THE THING to do is be the one that turns back on the water.  As soon as the water turns off, all the kids race to the button and push it.  On the occasions that my kids have had this “privilege”, they felt like they had won the Super Bowl.

A couple things to consider before you go…  the only restroom is a porta-potty.  Also, the splashpad is in full sun so sun screen and sun shirts/hats are recommended.

So, grab your sun protection (and hope for no bathroom visits) and head to Ervan Chew Park!


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