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This is Felicia!   My girls and I love exploring Houston and we love to read.

This review is of Nothing But Miracles by Walt Whitman and illustrated by Susan L. Roth.

I love Walt Whitman.  As soon as Aylen hits 6th grade, I am buying her a copy of Leaves of Grass.  I have never been a huge fan of verse, but this collection of poetry really has stuck with me, with its broad range of ideas and subjects.


Since Aylen is only in 2nd grade, I started her off with this gem of a book, Nothing But Miracles, that combines one of Whitman’s poems with illustrations of a very happy cat family.

The cat family includes Momma Cat, Papa Cat, and a very content Baby Cat who explore the miracles of everyday by strolling in Manhattan, sun bathing at the beach, and frolicking in meadows . They even spend a page star gazing blissfully.

It’s exactly what my family does every day, minus the sister fights and screaming at bedtime.  (Today the topic of meltdown at bedtime was: “You forgot how to do ponytails like you did them last year. WHYYYYY?” *Hysterical sobs*.)  See! Mystical, magical and earthy, just like Walt Whitman.

Illustrator Susan L. Roth celebrates and accentuates Walt Whitman’s literary style with the character illustrations she has chosen, but at the same time, it is the characters’ expressions, that show their obvious delight for life, that break down any complexity that Nothing But Miracles may have for young children.

This book is outstanding. It introduces some very adult ideas in a very effortless way. You can find it HERE.  Or, better yet, shop local and head to Brazos Bookstore.  If you mention you saw this review on BigKidSmallCity, you will get a discount… and get to read the book immediately!

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