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You Asked

We have been collecting questions and decided to start answering them here each week.  If you have questions for us, contact us and we may feature them here!

We promise that these are real questions and real answers.  We’ll feature any question as long as it’s polite and appropriate for our audience!

How did Joe the Garbage Man start his little business?
In February 2012, Joe started his own little Garbage Can Curbside Service.  We had seen the idea in a magazine and Joe decided he would like to start something on our street.  He asked our neighbors if he could roll out, and then back in, their garbage cans on trash day. In return, they would pay him 25¢ each week.  Through the business, he is learning a lot of valuable lessons and a lot about entrepreneurship.   You can view all the BigKidSmallCity Garbage Man Joe stories HERE.


Do you force Joe to do the work?
Joe gets to make all the decisions for his business.  He can keep the business going or he can quit.  We do insist that he is responsible and does the work each Sunday if he has not given notice to his neighbors.  You can learn about the strategies in the free download on the right side of THIS page.

How did Joe get on the News?
Joe has been featured on Fox & FriendsNewsFixHuffington PostSunny 99.1WGN Radio, Chron.comBig Jolly Politics & Waste & Recycling News.  How?  Well, Joe started his businesses and I blogged about it periodically.  After a year, I told the City of Houston Solid Waste Management about him hauling Houston trash cans.  They featured him on their Facebook page.  After this, I was told about Waste & Recycling News.  I contacted them and Joe was interviewed the next day.

Once the video came out, I sent it around Houston.  NewsFix contacted us and interviewed Joe the next day.  Soon after this, my husband got an email asking if he was the father of “Joe the Garbage Man”.  Fox & Friends had tracked him down from the NewsFix video.  We now refer to ourselves as the parents of Joe the Garbage Man.

After the Fox&Friends interview, the other news channels followed.

It was a very exciting ride and it all started with the City of Houston Solid Waste Management.  Want to know Joe’s favorite part of it all?  The fancy car that Fox & Friends sent to drive us to the studio.


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