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You AskedWe have been collecting questions from our contact form, Facebook and Twitter accounts and decided to start answering them here each week.  If you have questions for us, contact us and we may feature them here!

We promise that these are real questions and real answers.  We’ll feature any question as long as it’s polite and appropriate for our audience!

What is your favorite thing to do in Houston?
We like to explore and find new things.  We like all parts of town, but my kids will tell you they love Downtown Houston.  We ride METRORail, walk to Discovery Green or Market Square Park.  The mysterious bubble in the Buffalo Bayou is always worth some giggles and the Buffalo Bayou bike trails are a new favorite.

What do you do if your kids melt down in public?
Obviously someone knows my kids often act like kids in public.  If we are at a restaurant and 1 of the kids decides to melt down, we take our parade (3 kids, 1 mom) to the bathroom or car and wait it out.  After it has passed, we walk over to the tables next to us and apologize for interrupting their lunch.


We’ve only actually had to do this a few times.  Now I can usually whisper something about apologizing to the other patrons and the tantrum dissipates.

If you have a clever way of stopping tantrums, let me know!

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