Meet Shanna, the newest member of the BigKidSmallCity team!

FamilyLet me introduce the newest member of the BigKidSmallCity team!

I met Shanna at our kids’s preschool a few years ago.  While I was trying to organize my life, and failing, she was out making memories with her kids.  She inspired me to start BigKidSmallCity and change my priorities.

In our group of moms, we call Shanna the “Good Mom”.  For example, if a parenting question comes up in conversation, like, “Should we apply to Magnet Schools?”, the answer usually is, “What is Shanna doing?”  She has always done her homework and is a reliable source of information.

More than this, Shanna is out exploring Houston every single day with her 2 kids, Keira (6) and Xander (4), and has a lot of tips to share.  And you should see the birthday parties she throws.


I’m excited to tell you that now Shanna will be writing for BigKidSmallCity.  Among many adventures, she will be writing about a new Houston Park each week this summer!

And finally, to clear up any questions from the picture…  Shanna is not especially short.  It is just that her family is especially tall.  You should see her biceps from toting around a 55 pound 4 year old.

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