Hermann Park Pedal Boat Tickets Giveaway!

PedalBoatScaleBigKidSmallCity has more Hermann Park Pedal Boat Tickets to Give Away!  

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3. Leave a comment on THIS POST saying your favorite thing about Houston.  

On June 28, 2013 I will randomly select 1 winner using RANDOM.org. Good luck!

*Fine print on the tickets:  This ticket is good for one free 30-minute pedal boat ride.  Each boat holds up to 4 people.  At least 1 rider must be 18 years of age or older. *


  1. Tiffany says:

    My favorite thing about Houston is BidKidSmallCity. Am I kissing up too much? Ok, my real favorite thing about Houston is all of the opportunities here. Houston is huge, but it is still growing and changing. Job opportunities are great (in my field). My sons educational opportunities are amazing. There are great museums and parks. And the people in Houston are suprisingly nice and down to earth!

  2. I also love that there is so much to do around Houston! And thanks to the Beltway (which I live close by), it’s a relatively short drive to downtown, and lots of other neat places in the greater Houston area. I feel like I’ve been to so many fun places with my kids, and we STILL have a lot of places to explore.

  3. My favorite things about Houston are the splashpads. It may seem minute to most, but I am from a small town in Mississippi where we only have one park. It’s far and the playground is almost nonexistence. I love being able to take my son to the splashpad and let him cool off from the Houston heat. It doesn’t cost anything, but has a lot of value. He loves it!

  4. Walkability! People. Fo

  5. Oops! Food! Great place to raise children! Love this page- so glad I found it!

  6. Pranika Sinha says:

    We love the food, the zoo and the arboretum. We love exploring the zoo and finding something new each time we go. we enjoy the education, activities, and hikes at the arboretum

  7. There is ALWAYS something going on for free or very cheap. We never have a weekend where we are trying to find somewhere to go and come up empty.

  8. Thanks for all the great comments! I love Houston because of the hard working people, the many opportunities, and all the things there are to do with kids!

    I’ll select the winner on Random.org tomorrow.

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