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This is Felicia! My girls and I love exploring Houston and we love to read. You can be sure that we take a book where ever we go.

This review is of Who Needs Donuts? by Mark Alan Stamaty.

This book is zany and one of my personal favorites because of the extensive details that the author/illustrator has put into each page. Every time that my kids and I read this book we find something new to talk about on one of the pages or covers. You can easily spend fifteen minutes looking at the absurdities on each page,  Think Steven Kellogg illustrations, but more intricate, crazier and in black and white.

The story begins when the main character, a little boy named Sam leaves his family to live on the busy streets, of what can only be New York, to pursue his dream of becoming an avid donut collector. Almost immediately, he comes across a gentleman by the name of Mr. Bikferd, who is also crazy about donuts! Together, they feverishly collect piles of donuts with Sam’s new friend knowing all the best places to look. One day, a homeless woman makes a bold statement.  “Who needs donuts when you got love?”


Shortly after running into the homeless soothsayer, Mr. Bikferd finds love and leaves the donut collecting to Sam. Will Sam continue with his love of pursuing donuts alone or will he return home when he realizes home is where love is? Read and find out!

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