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This is Felicia, the newest member of BigKidSmallCity! My girls love Houston adventures and they love to read. You can be sure that we have a book packed away in our bags everywhere we go.

This review is of Once Upon Macdonalds Farm by Stephen Gammel.

This book is about poor Old MacDonald who apparently has terrible farming skills AND the wrong set of animals to run a farm.

The thought of a monkey straining in a chicken coop, trying to lay eggs and a bewildered, frustrated farmer, literally sent my daughters into cascades of giggles.  We had to pause in order to recover from the cackling before turning the page.


One morning, Old McDonald awakes to discover that his animal have run away. His neighbors thoughtfully gift him the appropriate animals needed for his farm and that leads to a hilarious, surprise ending!

Gammel makes his book an easy read for beginners and I honestly did not mind reading it over and over again because the book was short and clever.

The expressive illustrations are gorgeous pencil drawings. In my opinion, there is something wonderful about pencil sketch illustrations when they are done just right.

We have a discarded library book that I bought for a penny off of Amazon because we have never been able to find a copy in bookstores.

You can find your very own copy HERE on Amazon.

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