Wonderland Ball, June 23, 2013, Main Street Theater + Promo Code + Free Gift (Up to a $60 Value)!


BigKidSmallCity is a huge fan of Main Street Theater. The casual and intimate setting is the perfect place for kids to fall in love with theater. My own kids cannot sit through a movie at the cinema, but they will dance and laugh through a Main Street Theater production. And then beg to see it again.

Alice in Wonderland opened on June 6, 2013 and you really need to go before it closes July 28, 2013. What is even more special is the Wonderland Ball on June 23, 2013.  Arrive at 12:30pm and meet Alice and her wacky friends.  Walk the chessboard, enjoy some snacks and participate in the auction before watching the show at 2:00pm.

A $40 ticket includes everything.  Get your tickets and get your kids excited about a ball that was designed just for them.  And also remember that your ticket purchase supports the youth theater at Main Street Theater!


BigKidSmallCity will be there and we hope you will attend too.  When you buy your tickets HERE, be sure to use Promo Code: PHOTO to receive an autographed picture of Alice!  Pictures will be received when you check in at the Wonderland Ball.

To make this even more exciting, BigKidSmallCity will buy 1 family tickets to The Cat and the Hat!  Just purchase tickets to the Wonderland Ball and use Promo Code: PHOTO.  BigKidSmallCity will then randomly select 1 family from this group to see Main Street Theater’s next show for free!  You will receive the same number of tickets as you purchased for the Wonderland Ball, up to $60!

Go HERE to get your tickets before they sell out!


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