My Baby Girl is 4 Years Old Today

Today Brooke turned 4 years old. She’s so big and so little at all the same time. She’s big enough for school but little enough to be rocked to sleep. She’s big enough to protect her baby brother on the playground but little enough to need some protecting herself. She’s big enough to understand the world but little enough to declare she will be a mermaid princess when she grows up.

To celebrate the day when this big little girl came into the world, we celebrated in BigKidSmallCity fashion. The fun began yesterday with a day off of work, with a day shared at pre-school, with a special lunch, with a train ride to Discovery Green and Exxopolis, dinner at Pheonicia and fun at Natachee’s.

This morning we kept the festivities going with a trip to the Chinese Boat Festival, the Firefighter Cook Off and Mission Burrito. We ended the day with a special outing to get birthday girl pedicures and then a bonfire with dad.

Four Feet
Happy birthday to my sweet little big girl!


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