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This is Felicia, the newest member of BigKidSmallCity! My family loves to explore Houston and we love to read. My girls, Senia (5) and Aylen (7) always have their noses in a book.  With Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Weirdos they are also becoming good artists.

How do you draw a bat really?  A bat is just an oval with a couple of triangles, right? Well, with any of Emberly’s books, my kids have been able to construct really neat pictures by assembling shapes, lines and curls.

Ed Emberly’s books are the easiest to get started with if your kids are drawers that are self motivated. His directions are illustrated with funky, vintage colors and are step by step.


The recommended age for this book is seven and up, but with a little guidance, my five year old is able to use it as well. I plan on putting his books to good use this summer with a tube of paper from Ikea to construct the world’s longest drawing, which will most likely be a city full of black cats, green devils, Frankensteins and spiders.

Buy any of his books for hours of fun!  Find them HERE!


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