Where in Houston? The Labyrinth at University of St. Thomas!


Yesterday we asked where in Houston this picture was taken. It’s from the labyrinth at the University of St. Thomas!  It’s located in the Gueymard Meditation Garden and is a replica of the Cathedral of Chartres, a labyrinth in France.  Labyrinths are retreats where one can roam through the maze and clear their mind for meditation and prayer.  Or, with children, it is a beautiful place to sit back, relax and let them wander and enjoy.


  1. Julie Wollaeger Schulte says:

    Trying to make some Good friday plans for part of Friday, anyone been here before??

  2. Peter Valles says:

    a labyrinth is not a maze actually. The purpose of the labyrinth is not to confuse and rather to serve as a means for mediation. There is one path in and the same path is used to exit. One cannot get lost on a labyrinth.

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