Summer Camp at the Houston Health Museum – Includes Medical Detectives, Lil’ Chef’s and Lego Camp!

The Health Museum has a solid line up of summer camps for 2013. Kids from age 5 to 13 can attend between June 10 and August 23.

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Lunch is included in the camp pricing.  Bodega’s Taco Shop is providing lunch (including vegetarian options). Menus available on the Monday prior to the start of each camp week.

All camps meet from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
An Extended Camp Days option (7:45 a.m. – 5 p.m.) is available during all camp sessions for $40 per child per week.


From the Health Museum website, below are descriptions of the available camps.  I’m super excited about the Lego camp.  At other museums, the Lego camp is only offered to the older kids.  At the Health Museum, 5 year olds can attend!

Ages 5-7
Itty Bitty Bodies
Back by popular demand – a summer experience for our youngest guests! Campers will be engaged during a project-packed week full of activities that include finger casts, make-and-take skeleton models, dookie cookies and more! It’s a great way to promote healthy habits in a fun and interactive way.

Medical Detectives
Do you think you’d make a good detective? Learn more about the science, techniques and skills used by professionals who solve medical and forensics mysteries for a living in this brand new camp. Campers will perform a DNA extraction on fruit, take fingerprints, find trace evidence and more in this introductory forensics camp designed specifically for kids.

Lil’ Chef’s Academy
It’s time to play with your food! Try your hand at edible, kid-friendly creations including healthy smoothies and pizza! Have a ball learning about the basics of good nutrition. Create food-related crafts, launch a food cannon and more!

No Bones About It
Test your camper’s dissection skills and creativity! Campers will learn basic anatomy terminology, build skeletons, learn about dissections, and dissect real owl pellets! You will be amazed at what your camper learns while exploring the museum, building anatomy-related arts & crafts, and participating in hands-on activities during this truly fun summer camp.

Teddy Bear Clinic
Bring your favorite stuffed friend to camp and find out what happens when you visit the doctor! In the Teddy Bear Clinic, campers and their stuffed pals will take a ‘medical history’ and perform tests just like a doctor! Students will have a blast as they test their skills as M.D.’s – Mini Doctors – and find out more about the world of medicine.
LEGO® Junior Vehicle Engineering – NEW for 2013!
Students will creatively build and modify different vehicles including everyday vehicles, concept cars, construction machines, and more using our unique LEGO® kits.

Ages 8-10
The Body Shop
It’s a Mini Med experience for our younger campers! Discover the organs of the body through hands-on dissections. Learn about the bones and muscles that hold us together. See what it takes to keep our bodies healthy and strong. Offering an age-appropriate first encounter with human anatomy, this is a great adventure for kids who love science and biology!

Camp DaVinci
Explore the legacy of Leonardo da Vinci – the ultimate artist-scientist! Follow in the footsteps of this great innovator as you explore architecture, art, anatomy and engineering. Design and build your own skyscraper, explore different mediums of art, dissect a cow’s eye, and invent your own unique feat of engineering just like Leonardo did in his days. A well-rounded camp experience for the creative camper!

Did you know that the record for projectile vomit is 27 feet? Or that the acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve metal? Learn about these gross facts, make your own fake dookie cookies and snot and more! This camp is great for kids who enjoy the messier side of life!

Super Sleuths
Explore the world of forensic science by securing a crime scene, gathering information and processing evidence collected from the scene. Learn about blood typing, fingerprint analysis, and dental forensics to solve the case. Get an opportunity to test the reliability of eyewitness testimony. This camp is a wonderful opportunity full of hands-on activities for the budding detective.

That’s Using Your Head
What weighs three pounds, feels like oatmeal, and needs about 8 hours of sleep a night? Your brain, that’s what! Want to know more about the outrageous organ inside of your head? You’ll view a real human brain, dissect a sheep brain, learn about your senses, build and test helmets and lots more in this incredible camp for the aspiring brain surgeons out there!

LEGO® Vehicle Engineering – NEW for 2013!
Students will build up to 13 different motorized vehicles capped off with a final project using our unique LEGO® kits. Vehicles include everyday vehicles, concept cars, construction machines, and more.

Ages 11-13
Mini Medical School I and II
Our most popular camps! Do you enjoy science? Have you ever considered a career in health or medicine? If so, this is the camp for you! Each Mini Medical School session gives campers the opportunity to view real human organs and experience hands-on dissections of animal organs. Campers will also have the opportunity to meet professionals and visit institutions within the Texas Medical Center. Like the first years of medical school, these camps differ in that they explore distinct body systems and medical specialties. Mini Med I explores the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, the digestive system, and much more. Mini Med II explores the cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary system and much more. Designed for kids who enjoy biology, dissections, health and medicine. Mini Med I is not a pre-requisite for Mini Med II. Campers may sign up for one camp or get the full experience and sign up for both!

The Forensic Scientist
Explore the world of forensic science. Learn how to secure a crime scene, gather clues, process evidence, and participate in a trial. Use blood typing, fingerprint analysis, and dental forensics to crack the case. Get an opportunity to test the reliability of eyewitness testimony. Learn about careers in forensic science. A great camp full of hands-on activities for the budding detective!

Camp Cardiac – NEW for 2013!
Do you have an interest in the heart? Experience a camp that is sure to get your blood flowing – tour the Texas Heart Institute, get certified in First Aid and of course, view a real human heart specimen. Learn about medical careers related to the heart, meet medical professionals and perform comparative dissections. It’s a camp experience that’s sure to be out of this world!

Beyond The Finish Line – NEW for 2013!
What does it take to compete at the highest level? Find out how your body pushes to new limits. Investigate the chemistry behind Gatorade, find out how nutritionists and dieticians keep athletes in tip top shape and tour some of Houston’s most well-known sports facilities. A thrill for every fan of sports and science!

LEGO® Collision Cars – NEW for 2013!
Students will use our unique LEGO® kits to build a variety of battling machines. This is a class of exploration, problems solving, and risk-taking with a goal of learning and experimenting with how machines work and compete.

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