“I Love School” Lunch Boxes – Penguin Punches & Star Rice

Each school day I make a fun lunch for my kids. It started as a way to stop the morning whining about having to wake up early. It’s worked (mostly) and it looks like my kids will be getting cute little lunch boxes until they are 25.

Making fun lunches does not take much extra time and takes no cooking or creative talent.

This week the kids got variations of the the rice and vegetable lunch and penguin punches lunch.

The first lunch of the week was made by cleaning out the refrigerator and putting all the fruits and vegetables in the Bento Box.  To keep the kids full until school got out, I added some rice and beans.


To make the star rice ball, I followed THESE instructions.  Basically I cooked Japanese rice in the rice cooker, added some salt and used this cool Star Spoon.

My kids like beans with the rice, so I added refried beans and called it Japanese Mexican fusion.

I made variations of this lunch until the kids begged for something else.  Fortunately my Mini Cutters had just arrived.

I made a simple sandwich and cut out yellow and white cheese to make the penguins.

The cutters were easy to use and were an easy way to make an ordinary lunch more fun.


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