“I Love School” Lunch Boxes – Car Shaped Eggs, Bear Shaped Rice and Local Veggies

For the last 2 years I’ve been making fun lunches for my kids.  It’s a trick to get them to stop whining about waking up while it is still dark outside.  It goes something like this…

Me:  Wake up sweetie.  (Repeat 20 times and get grouchier each time.)
Kid: I’m tired.  I don’t want to go to school.
Me:  Wake up sweetie.  (Repeat 20 times and get grouchier each time.)
Kid: I’m tired.  I don’t want to go to school.
Me: (Regain composure.) Hey, check out your lunch for today.
Kid:  Is that a bear shaped rice ball?  Okay, I’ll get ready for school. I love school!  (Note, they don’t actually say this, but I’m certain they are thinking it.)

CarShapedEggThis week’s lunches included a car shaped egg, a bear shaped rice ball and a bunch of local vegetables.

The first was the car shaped egg lunch.  For instructions on making fun hard boiled eggs, go HERE.  Once the egg is boiled, it is really easy to make the shape with this Egg Mold.  Just pop in the warm egg and let it cool in the car shaped mold.


The lunch also included carrots and sandwiches made from dinner rolls and spinach.  (I would have added cheese, but my son tells me cheese gives him headaches.  Interesting, I know.)

BearRiceBallsThe next lunch was our favorite rice ball lunch.  For instructions on making rice balls, go HERE.  This time I used the bear Rice Mold.  For 2 of the faces, I used this Nori Punch.  For the 3rd one, I cut out cheese using this Bear Mini Cutter.

Around the rice I added edamame.  In the 2nd tier of the Panda Bento Box, I added my super fancy trail mix (Cheerios, raisins and whatever else is in the pantry).

LimeThe next lunch was the salad lunch.  I used the spring mix and parsley from our Greenling Local Box.  I told the kids it was cool because they could squeeze the lime on it for salad dressing.

I also added some pita chips and my world famous trail mix.

It worked.  They ate it.

BeetsThe last unique lunch was the beet lunch.  I cut long carrots (which my kids think are more fun than little ones), added spinach, olives and the Greenling Local Box beets.  I had made the beets for dinner the night before and tossed them in the lunch box at the request of the kids.  I’m pretty sure they wanted to use them to paint their fingers and faces red at school, but I did not ask any questions.  If they want beets, they get beets.

Sometimes I’m asked how I get my kids to eat salads and vegetables.  I have 2 answers… If it’s what they think is normal, they just do it.  And, if it’s all that is available, and they are hungry enough, they will eat it.  (And, they do eat french fries and cake.  Just not for school lunch!)

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