“I Love School” Lunch Boxes – Rabbit Rice Balls!

Each week I pack fun lunch boxes for my kids.  It started as bribe to stop the morning whining about waking up early.  It’s worked so well, I’ve kept it up for years.

Our mornings are something like this…  “Moooooom, I don’t have any shooooooooooes.”  “Did you check the shoe basket?”  “Moooooooooom, you do it.”  “Hey, check out this awesome lunch get to take today.  Now go get your shoes.”  And the kids magically find their shoes.  In the shoe basket.

This week we went back to rice balls.  Rice balls are very easy to make and this lunch can be done in 10 minutes or less.  To make the rice balls:

1.  Use  Sushi or Japanese Rice (Not just any rice.  It needs to be sticky.)
2. Throw rice into Rice Cooker. Add water and food coloring (if you want). Press ‘start’.
3.  When rice is cooked, add some salt.
4. Rinse any Rice Mold and a spoon with water. (The water helps prevent the rice from sticking.)
5. Spoon rice into the mold and squeeze it tight.
6. Gently shake out rice shape. Add salt if desired.
7. Add decoration by cutting out Nori or using a Nori Punch.


For my lunch, I used a rabbit rice mold, similar to the one found HERE.  When preparing the rice, I used a little yellow food coloring.  When the rice was ready, I used kitchen scissors to cut out the nori ears and a nori punch to make the eye.

I used the new favorite Panda Bento Box and filled the bottom tier with spinach, pinto beans, green beans and rice balls.  The top tier held grapes and oranges.

Every lunch was similar to this one and all proved to be magical – significantly reducing the amount of whining I heard each morning.

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