Greenling Houston – Fresh Local Organic Food Delivered to Your Door – And Why I Love Them

Greenling is a company that delivers fresh, organic and local food in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and now, Houston.  I just discovered Greenling last week, but it seems I already have a bit of a crush.

Greenling takes farm fresh food and delivers it to your doorstep.  To order, you just go HERE and shop for your favorite items.  You can set up a one time delivery, weekly delivery or more often and changes are easy.

There is an overwhelming amount of selection, but their boxes make ordering easy.  These include, among others, the Local Box, Juicing Box, After School Snack Box and Pantry Starter Box.  As long as the order is over $25, the delivery is free.  And if any produce is missing or bruised, you can request a credit.  To learn more, go HERE

It all sounds great, but given that I don’t like to cook, I’m relatively cheap and I live a block from a grocery store, you might be wondering why I would spend $34.99 on a box of vegetables to be delivered to my house.

To answer that question, let me tell you that I am an electrical engineer in the telecommunication industry and I understand outsourcing.  Outsourcing reduces cost and makes prices more competitive, but it also adds more risk to the delivery.  I’m willing to take this risk with the manufacturing of my cell phone, but not with the growing of my food.  If the delivery system fails, I can live without my electronics but not without my dinner.


To support local farmers, and keep them farming near my neighborhood, I decided to give Greenling a try.

I ordered my first Local Box which included carrots, microgreens, avocados, broccoli, oranges, radishes, herbs, spinach, kale and swiss chard.  (The contents change each week.)  Soon after I clicked “purchase”, I realized that that I didn’t know what microgreens were, I wasn’t completely sure what a radish looked like and had no clue what to do with kale or swiss chard.

Fortunately Greenling has a page dedicated to recipe ideas and City Boy Cuisine offers lots of suggestions when it comes to vegetables.  City Boy suggested that, “Raw kale can be a little tough and chewy, but if you place it in a bowl with a little salt and extra virgin olive oil and give it a good massage, it softens right up. Almost as if it has been lightly steamed, but so much easier, doesn’t cook off any nutrients, and might be a great job for a kindergartner.”  Delighted that the professionals thought my kids should make dinner for me, I relaxed until the box was delivered to my door.

My Local Box arrived on my door step right on schedule by a nice young man.  As he handed over the produce, my fear of cooking began to resurface.  Inside was a lot of fresh (undamaged) produce that needed to be consumed before going bad.  I gave myself a little pep talk and called for my kids.

I emptied out the box, placed my baby back in the playpen (box), handed him some carrots and surveyed the loot.  I got my 5 and 3 year old to wash their hands and tear up kale and then mix it with olive oil and salt.  I remembered that my rice cooker has a steam tray and sliced up some radishes for it.  We finished up by adding carrots, corn, steamed radishes and lemon juice to the kale.

For dinner we ate big salads with a few little sides and felt pretty darn proud of ourselves.

For dinner the next day we made spinach salads with broccoli, steamed radishes and microgreens.  And for school lunches we made spinach wraps with a side of celery, carrots, broccoli and orange slices.

The box arrived Monday afternoon and we had pretty much wiped it out by Wednesday.  I was pleased we did not let anything go to waste and that our money was going to support local farmers.  Even more than that, I liked the challenge it presented.

If every week Greenling sends us a new box of new vegetables, we will be forced to try new recipes and new foods.  I was worried about this the first week, but with Greenling recipes and City Boy Cuisine advice, it was actually very easy and fun.

So, like I said, I just met Greenling, but I’ve got a little crush.  I plan to spend a lot more time with them and their green boxes.

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