BigKidSmallCity has a Crush on Greenling – Farm Fresh Produce Delivered to our Door

I’ve said before that I have a crush on Greenling.  I’m here to tell you that I still feel the same way.

Greenling is a company that delivers fresh organic and local produce.  Since I don’t like to cook, I’m pretty frugal and I live a block from a grocery store, this seems like an unlikely match for me.  However, since I feel strongly about supporting local farmers and I like the challenge the weekly Local Box provides, Greenling turns out to be a perfect fit.

There is a lot of selection to choose from, but I order the Local Box.  The contents change each week, depending on what local farmers have available.  This is the challenge for novices like me.

This week the box included:

  • Arugula – Warfel Farms or Gundermann Acres
  • Baby Swiss Chard – My Father’s Farm
  • Kale – Wood Duck Farm
  • Green Leaf Lettuce – Gundermann Acres
  • Cabbage – Wood Duck Farm
  • Cilantro – Gundermann Acres
  • Sunchokes – Animal Farm
  • Grapefruit – G&S Groves
  • Lemons – G&S Groves
  • Live Garlic/Chive Plant – My Father’s Farm
When I received it,  I had a few questions.  I had learned about Kale from my last box and prepared it with help from Cityboy Cuisine,  but how do I tell the difference between arugula, swiss chard and green leaf?  And are sunchokes these little root things that look like chicken nuggets?
As I always do, I decided the best thing to address my concerns was to contact the experts.  Greenling provides a sheet with the contents of the box, listed with most perishable items first, and suggested recipes.  Also, Cityboy Cuisine answers all my Facebook questions and has never once laughed (that I know of).
Via Facebook I told Cityboy about this week’s Local Box and he gave me these tips:
“Sunchokes are heavenly. They are a lot like potatoes; roast them, boil, broil, fry them with a little salt and lemon. Those can be combined with a little shredded cabbage, kale, and/or arugula lightly sauteed. Some Nutritional Yeast will push this over the top, along with your chives and cilantro.

With your chard, a very quick blanch into salted water will soften them up (if they’re young chard, they might be tender enough without blanching). Add some avocado and grapefruit slices, then drizzle with olive oil and a little salt (fleur de sel if you have it).

Any questions?”
So this is what I did.  And it wasn’t even hard.
For the first meal, I chopped up cabbage, sunchokes, greenbeans, carrots, broccoli and cilantro and threw them in the pan with coconut oil, cashews and seasoned salt.  When cooked, I served it over rice with a little soy sauce.
The second meal was much the same except I chopped up the arugula and cooked it as well.  (Cityboy had told me it may be too bitter for a salad, and he was right.  But cooked, the bitterness was tamed.)
For school lunches, I made rice balls and filled them with the leftover veggies.
And I was kind of a mealtime hero.
So, if you are looking for fresh local vegetables and want to learn more about preparing them, I have 2 suggestions.
1.  Check out Greenling.
2.  Check out Cityboy Cuisine.

To order from Greenling, you just go HERE and shop for your favorite items.  (With this link, you will get 10% off your first order.)  You can set up a one time delivery, weekly delivery or more often and changes are easy.

To find Cityboy, go HERE.

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