Mission Burritos – 99¢ Margaritas at Happy Hour – 3:00-6:00pm Daily

You may know I have a crush on Mission Burritos.  The location on West Alabama has a playground and great food.  Well, after my discovery tonight, I am madly in love with Mission Burritos.

Everyday, they have happy hour from 3:00-6:00pm and margaritas are now only 99¢.  And they are the same size as when they cost $3.50 at happy hour!

The one catch is that happy hour is only to 6:00pm and not 7:00pm (like it used to be) but drinks are now 99¢!

The only thing better than a 99¢ margarita and a playground would be 99¢ margaritas, a babysitter and a designated driver.  Still, I’ll take my one margarita and playground fun any night of the week!



  1. Thanks for sharing this! I am pregnant and just drool over margaritas. But so glad to know this! We often go to the Los Cucos out west on Clay and Hwy 6–they have $1.50-$1.99 most days til 7pm and have a playground. Thanks for sharing!

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