“I Love School” Lunch Boxes – Rice balls, crazy eggs and sandwich punches!

At our house we make fun lunches.  It really takes no extra time and no extra talent.  I can’t cook to save my life, and if you asked me to draw a picture, I’d just laugh.  Still, each day I pull together fun lunches that impress my young kids and stop their morning whining about being too tiiiired for school.

This week we started with a “clean out the refrigerator” lunch.  On top of some spinach I placed carrots, broccoli, olives and chickpeas.  I also added some blueberries and strawberries.  To make it fun to eat, I added a couple of Food Picks.

Neither kid seem to care that I used them to clear out the fridge.  And don’t tell them that their own father will not touch raw broccoli.

For the next lunch, I did put in a little more effort (but not much).  I used my new Sushi Mold to make star, heart and bear rice balls.  For detailed instructions on rice balls, go HERE.


For these rice balls, I added sushi rice, water and yellow good coloring to the rice cooker.  Once the rice was ready, I added some salt and packed the rice into the molds.  Instead of adding filling to the small rice balls, I just put some refried beans under the rice.  (Yes, refried beans… think sushi fusion or maybe think desperate mom.)

I placed the rice balls and beans on a bed of spinach and added chickpeas and blueberries.  I made a heart shaped hard boiled egg using this Egg Mold and these INSTRUCTIONS.

On the side I added my super “fancy” trail mix (Cheerios and marshmallows) and roasted seaweed. And don’t tell the kids that I can’t stand roasted seaweed.

The next lunch was similar, but with flower rice balls. The lunch is made like the last one, but I used this flower Rice Mold and blue food coloring.

On a bed of spinach I added  hummus and the rice flowers.  The center of the flowers is an olive slice.  I also added carrots, cauliflower, black olives and my signature trail mix.

Brooke said her friend asked to come to our house, for a playdate and to eat rice, so I”m thinking this was a hit.

The final lunch was a super simple shaped sandwich.

I used this Butterfly Sandwich Cutter to cut a simple sandwich. I used Food Markers to make the butterfly blue and little cheese slices for the antennae.

I added my fabulous trail mix and a hard boiled egg and called lunch good.

Now I need to think of something great for next week!


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