Lights in the Heights – December 8, 2012

Were you at Lights in the Heights tonight?

Lights in the Heights started 25 years ago as a neighborhood holiday festival of music and open houses along Bayland Avenue and the Norhill Esplanade.  Today, over seventy entertainment groups volunteer their time and perform on lit up neighborhood porches and yards.

In 2012 the event was scaled back to Bayland and Highland Streets with no food vendors and no tolerance for public intoxication or under age drinking.  I’m going to guess this was a problem in 2011.

We went for the first time tonight and it was a really big deal.  Every house for blocks and blocks was lit up with Christmas lights.  Many houses were having private parties and many others had performers on the porch.  I think Joe stopped to see ever single rockstar along the way.


The fun is over for this year, but out tips for next year are…

1.  Parking is terrible.  Either get their early, take a cab, or be prepared to walk.

2. Take a map.  Studewood was a parking lot and Watson was a lot better.  Check to find alternate routes, just in case.

3.  Be careful of the ditches!  This area has ditches in front of the houses and we saw several cars get stuck.  In the dark it was hard to see the drop offs and at least 2 cars were getting towed out of the ditch.  (Talk about a bad evening.)

4.  It’s crowded!  Over 40,000 people attend, so keep your kids close and light them up with glow sticks.

5.  Light up your stroller!  The pros had lights and glow sticks and were pushing mini-parade floats.


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