I Am Thankful For You

I am thankful for…

My parents who raised me all over the country.

My dad, who always supported his only daughter, his female athlete and his woman engineer.  For never letting it enter my mind that girls can’t do anything they want.

My mom, who is my best friend.


My brothers and my favorite 3 sister-in-laws.  My niece and nephew.

My husband.  The one that carries 2 sleeping kids out of preschool each day, one on each shoulder.  The one that is completely sold on our BigKidSmallCity adventures.

My kids.  The ones who keep me up late and wake me up early.  The ones who leave toys all over the floor and take all the pens off of my desk.  The ones that take me all over Houston and add so much excitement to my life.  The ones that introduced me to my best adult friends.

And for you, the readers that encourage us each day.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Oh my gosh — I’m overwhelmed — Thank you!

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