Spirit Halloween – Leave Your Kids at Home!

A Spirit Halloween Shop has popped up in the old Fiesta at West Alabama and Dunlavy.  My kids have been asking to go check out the Fiesta now that it has closed.  Not thinking much of it, I took the kids today.

Now, know that I love Halloween.  I love getting the kids dressed in their costumes, I love trick or treating and I love boo-ing our friends.

I like the sweet side of Halloween and I despise the scary part of the holiday.

Before we went, I did look at the website and I saw that kids costumes were sold and I somehow thought it would be a lot like the Halloween section at Target.   I was wrong.


I ushered my 5, 3 and 1 year old into Spirit to find a dark store with zombies, fake blood and walking dead.  It’s not just a small section… it’s all over the place.  Why on earth did I take my kids to see this?

I did my best to push my kids past the zombies, caskets, chainsaws and skeletons, but each time we turned, we found more terrible stuff.

Eventually we did find the kid stuff.  Along with an employee in a monster mask.

My kids assure me that it was fake and they know not to worry about the trash I showed them.  But, then again, they now call it Scary Fiesta.

So, if you are headed to Spirit Halloween, I recommend leaving the little kids at home.


  1. So the kid stuff was not so good? Samuel wants to be a power ranger. I want him to be something a little more homemade like a spaceman or a tornado. I’ll email a picture.

  2. You should check it out (or at least online). They had a wall of items but it was behind all the creepy stuff and I was trying to get the kids to stop looking at the walking dead!

  3. Nightmares are not my favorite!

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