Lunch Box Love Notes

You may know that I make fun lunches for my kids.  I make rice look like bears, I make sandwiches looks like trucks and I make eggs look like fish, but I’ve never done this.  Today at school, I saw this sweet note added to a friend’s lunch box.

A note!  Why haven’t I added a note?  It’s easy, super sweet and encourages kids to read.  A note!

So, as any good friend would do, I’ve stolen the idea and will add notes to Joe and Brooke’s lunches.

For tomorrow I’ve made a love note.  For the rest of the week, I should use the kindergarten “sight words”.  I need to incorporate “I”, “am”, “the”, “little”.  Should it say, “I am the little copycat mom.”?


Truth is, I don’t even feel bad.  If I can soon add notes like, “I am so happy that you love to read.”, I don’t mind being a copycat!


  1. Ugh. Sight words, homework, website quizes, reading, handwriting practice. I’m still getting used to having to do homework in kindergarten. I can only imagine what we will have to do in 1st grade.

  2. What a cute kid. She should be a model. 🙂

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