Houston Zoo Splashpad – Kathrine McGovern Water Play Park

The Houston Zoo has added a new Kathrine McGovern Water Play Park that is free with zoo admission.  To find it, head to the carousel and turn left towards the rhinos.  It’s tucked away, with only one entrance, which is good for keeping track of the kids.  One lifeguard is on duty and will likely greet you and tell you the rules.  No shoes are allowed on the splash pad, babies must wear swim diapers and there is no running.  Don’t have a swim suit?  You can buy one there for $20+.  Need to change?  There are dressing rooms.

My kids and I went on a Friday afternoon during the summer.  The splash pad was crowded, but not intolerable.  There were plenty of canopies to shade the parents and plenty of water features for the kids.  There is a big dragon in the middle, surrounded by little fountains, and next to buckets that dump water when full.

Brooke had worn her swimsuits to the zoo and jumped right in the water.  Joe had been certain he did not want to play, until he saw the waterpark.  He quickly changed in the dressing room and hit the water.  There is no shade for the kids, so after about 20 minutes of fun, all four of us went into the large dressing room and put on dry clothes.

My big kids enjoyed cooling off in the water before heading out to see more animals. Houston summers are hot, but this splash pad makes the zoo inviting in July.  Be sure to stop by next time you’re in Hermann Park.


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