JCPenney Portraits Meyerland

You’ve seen me rave about JCPenney Portraits in Meyerland.  Margie is especially good and capturing good pictures of uncooperative kids.

And the portraits are cheap!  For as low as $3.99, you can get a 8×10 or 2 5×7 portraits.

We went recently for James 6 months pictures.  We got some great pictures in between meltdowns.  See my handsome James pictured here.

We got some not so hot pictures too.  At first I wasn’t thrilled with the group shots… but then I decided that in 20 years I’d be happy to remember life with a baby, 2 year old and 4 year old.


Just like I see each day, pictured here, you will find Brooke choking Joe, Joe fighting back, and poor James wondering if he can find a better family.

Good thing these little guys are cute.

Go to JCP Meyerland to capture your own memories!

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