Our “Measure It” Scavenger Hunt in Downtown Houston

If you follow this blog, you know that my kids lover Downtown and they love scavenger hunts.  Today when the kids woke up, our conversation went something like this.

Joe: Is it a school day?
Me: No, it’s Memorial Day. It’s a holiday where we think about the soldiers that keep our country safe.
Joe: Oh [insert lots of questions about Memorial Day]. If it’s a holiday, we need to go on a scavenger hunt Downtown.
Me (in whiny voice): Nooooooo, it’s toooooo hot.
Joe: But Mom, you always say it’s better to go out and have fun than to sit at home.
Me: Oh yeah. Pack you bags, we’re going downtown.

I sent Joe to find the clipboards for our list, but he instead came back with a ruler. He was determined that we needed to use the ruler, so I decided we could do a little learning on our adventure. Our list of items to find or do was:

  • Take METRORail.
  • Eat a picnic lunch. Measure your lunch.
  • Find 5 leaves and measure them. Which is the longest?
  • Measure Joe, Brooke and James.
  • Find a snack and measure it.

The kids packed their backpacks with the list, a map, binoculars, snacks and water and we jumped in the car.  Parking near Natachee’s, we were able to jump on the the train at the HCC/Ensemble METRORail stop.


We jumped off the train at Main Street Square.  Since it was the holiday, and most downtown restaurants are closed, we headed to Phoenicia next to Discovery Green.  Here we were happy to find the fresh pitas coming down the conveyer belt from the ceiling.  Here we picked up the fresh bread, humus, a po-boy and cookies and headed to Discovery Green.

We found a shady picnic table, pulled out our lunch and measured it.  Joe’s pita bread and humus burrito was 6 inches long.  The water bottle was 8 inches long.

The kids then ran around found their leaves and measured them.  They also measured themselves.  Joe is 3.5 rulers, Brooke is almost 3 rulers and James crawls too fast to know for sure.

Before leaving the park, the kids just HAD to have a snow cone from the Kona truck.  We got one to share and enjoyed the buzz around the park.

While we sat, I found that Joe had packed crackers and a slice of cold pizza for his snack.  I thought this was a funny snack, but I can now tell you the pizza was 7 inches long.

Afterwards, we headed back to the METRORail and headed home for some air conditioning.  Although it was a hot outing, Joe was right.  It’s always more fun to go out and explore than to sit around at home.  And we learned a little about measurement on our adventure.


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