“I Love School” Lunch Boxes – Spinach & Mac ‘n Cheese

Last September my son and I had a really fun game going.  Each night I’d spend with my newborn and each morning I’d wake up to my 4 year old telling me how much he haaaaaaaaaated school.  And it was really hard for him to get dressed and eat breakfast and brush his teeth and get to school, because he haaaaaaaaaated it.  Then, once he was at school, he was perfectly fine until the next morning.  As much fun as this was, I was willing to do just about anything to stop the whiiiiiiiining.

I started making fun lunches for him so he’d have good reason to look forward to the daily surprise.  It worked so well, he completely forgot about how terrible preschool is.  Poor guy.

I’ve made some really cute lunches (crazy hard boiled eggs), I’ve had some disasters (peanut butter and jelly wrap… on a stick) and I’ve had some very create lunches (quesadilla of a cat, in a tree, with a firetruck rescuing it).  Now that it’s May, I’m creating mostly desperate lunches.  Something that is kind of cool, and keeps him from whiiiiiining in the morning, but does not require me to stock my kitchen with exotic ingredients (like sliced bread or jelly).

This week I only had to make one lunch, and it just barely passed the “cool” test.  I packed up cashews and dried cherries, a spinach salad and macaroni and cheese (to be eaten cold).  I’m pretty sure no other kid had cold mac ‘n cheese, making it very unique and sought after.


Joe did eat it all but told me it was only okay.  Still, he did not complain about school, so I think we just might make it to June without any complaaaaaaaaaaining (about school anyway).


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