Free Public Splash Pads at Houston City Parks

See the updated splashpad list HERE!

Splashpad at Discovery Green
See the updated splashpad list HERE!

Did you know that Houston has over 20 free splashpads, or as the city calls them, spraygrounds?  Located in public parks, the water play areas are open to everyone to use.

The list and map are below… and my favorites can be found HERE!  And if you want a City of Houston Pool… go HERE!


City of Houston Splashpads:

  • Aron Ledet Park- 6500 Antoine
  • Blueridge Park – 5600 Court Road
  • Burnett Bayland Park – 6200 Chimney Rock
  • Cullen Park – 19008 Saums Road
  • Dodson Lake – 9010 Dodson
  • Edgewood Park – 5803 Bellfort
  • Ervan Chew Park – 4502 Dunlavy
  • Gutierrez Park – 7900 Flaxman
  • Hackberry Park – 7777 S. Dairy Ashford
  • Herman Brown Park – 400 Mercury
  • Hermann Park – 6001 Fannin
  • Hidalgo Park – 7000 Avenue Q
  • Jaycee Park – 1300 Seamist
  • Levy Park – 3801 Eastside St
  • Marian Park – 11000 S. Gessner
  • McClendon – 3770 Summit Valley Dr
  • Melrose Park – 12200 Melrose Park Road
  • Montie Beach Park – 915 Northwood
  • Nieto Park – 500 Port
  • Park at Palm Center – 5400 Griggs Road
  • Settegast Park – 3000 Garrow
  • Shady Lane Park – 10220 Shady Lane
  • Stuebner Airline Park – 9201 Veterans Memorial
  • Tony Marron Park – 808 N. York
  • Wiley Park – 1414 Gillette

Outside the “City” of Houston:


Although they are not public parks, there are also splashpads at Discovery Green(free), Downtown Aquarium (free) and Houston Zoo (free with zoo admission)… AND Noah’s Ark (not free!) and Bellaire Town Square (not free!).

If you are in The Woodlands, you have lots of places to cool off!  Look HERE.



If you are looking for a good place to cool off this summer, check out the details HERE.  If you are looking for lots of FREE things to do in Houston, go HERE.  If you want the current list of Houston events delivered to your inbox each week, go HERE!


  1. Jasmine ashley says:

    Hello whom do I contact about hosting an kiddie party at one of the spray ground locations?

  2. You forgot McClendon Park….and Hackberry Park

  3. Mandy Fleming says:

    What time is the water turned on during the day or is it on all the time?

    • All the ones we visit just have a button for turning on the water. So, it’s on all the time… just follow the rules of the park… usually they are “open” form dawn to dusk.

  4. What do the people/kids do about staying cool this
    Summer 13 since Finnegan Park’s pool is closed for repairs? This problem occurs every summer– sparodic openings closings, etc. Why has this area not gotten something “wet” for our kids and residents ? We pay taxes just as every other community–we need relief from this heat and fun for the kids!

  5. We don’t want to travel to other pools far away–Denvor Harbor, Tuffly, etc. Why should our children travel to neighborhoods that are far and it’s too hot to walk to these other communities. We don’t want to go to strange communities with which we are not familiar. Fix the problems in our community!

  6. Kimberly says:

    When I click the link for Hackberry, it doesn’t work. Has anybody been there? Is it still open?

  7. the park on Chimney Rock is disgusting, i used to go there back when i was a child and it did not look awful. there is trash everywhere, kids playing with cans and bottles.


  9. Are the splash pads water running year round??? I know that there’s a button to push to get the water running but I juat wanted to know if the city turns the water off any time during the year.
    Thank you

    • Jill Jarvis says:

      Chantel –

      I know that Ervan Chew at Dunlavy and Richmond is running all year. You can turn it on any time. I assume others are similar… but don’t know for sure! If you have one you want to visit, I can ask the community if they know if it is on.


  10. Laura M says:

    this list is very helpful, thanks. However, you should remove the Chimney Rock one from the list simply because it is definitely not a place to be for kids. Tons of trash, also broken glass is lying around everywhere and there are creepy people hanging around. I didn’t feel save at all. I don’t recommend going there. I believe it was a nice place once, but not anymore!

  11. Does anyone know if there is one near a metro rail? I'm not from here.

    • Jill Jarvis says:

      If you take MetroRail Downtown to Main Street Station, you can walk 5 blocks to the Discovery Green Spalshpad. If you take it to Preston Station, you can walk about 5 blocks to the Downtown Aquarium (which has a free splashpad). Also, if you take it to Hermann Park Station, you can find the Hermann Park fountains (by reflecting pool) or splashpad (by playground) or the Zoo Splashpad (but the zoo splashpad requires zoo admission fee).

      Let me know if you have questions!

    Nottingham Park
    14205 Kimberley Lane
    Houston, Texas 77079

  13. Where is that park

  14. Sakae Natsuko it's on Lyons ave and pannell st in 5th ward


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