$99 for 3 tattoo removal sessions of a 2X2 size area from Houston Tattoo Removal Clinic – Voice Daily Deal – 2.25.12

My mom sent me this this Voice Daily Deal.  Apparently she doesn’t like that ugly little tattoo I got when I was young and foolish.  But what do moms know?  If I want to have the ugly tattoo on my back forever, I can have the ugly tattoo on my back.

However, if my own kids read this post one day, don’t ever get an ugly little tattoo.  Really.  Big mistake.  If you do get a tattoo, put a little extra thought into the design and in selecting a tattoo artist.  But it’s probably best you don’t get a tattoo at all.  (But I’m not saying MY mom was right.  I would never admit that.)

If you decide you want to get rid of an ugly tattoo, check out the deal HERE.  (And I might get it too, but don’t tell anyone.)


  1. Ha-Ha-Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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