Turn on the Oven Tuesday – Turkey Melts and “Please Stop Fighting Over The” Guavas

I started Turn on the Oven Tuesday to prove to my kids that the microwave is not the only way to warm up dinner.   My kids are good eaters, and eat a lot of healthy foods, but anything cooked well was usually not prepared by their mom.  This week was not our most creative dinner, but it was quick and did involve the stove top.

As we were getting ready to make turkey melts, my big kids were in a heated argument over who would eat the last guava.  I was half exhausted and half amused over their disagreement, and ultimately decided that I was okay with them eating guavas and forgetting about my secret stash of cookies behind the crockpot.

We put the sandwich making on hold and headed out to Fiesta.  Here the kids picked out a pile of their own guavas and once again their was peace between siblings.

At home we quickly used coconut oil to “butter” the outside of turkey and cheese sandwiches.  We put them in a hot pan and made turkey melts.  Within minutes we were sitting at the table enjoying our sandwiches and guavas.


Phew.  One more successful dinner.

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