Turn on the Oven Tuesday – Sauteed Portabella Mushroom Salad

In an effort to cook my kids some new meals, I started Turn on the Oven Tuesday. Sometimes I actually turn on the oven, and do it on a Tuesday. This week I made dinner on Tuesday, but I did not use the oven. Tonight’s dinner was Sauted Portabella Mushrooms on Mixed Greens.

My brother, the Vegan Chef, once told me that portabella mushrooms are sort of the vegetarian’s steak. They are hearty and can be served in lots of dishes. Since we we looking for a hearty restaurant sized salad, we decided to make sauteed portabella mushroom salads.

We first sliced up portabella caps. Half we marinated in barbeque sauce and the other half got garlic essence dressing and chopped up garlic. We sauteed them (separately) in a frying pan with a little oil.

While these cooked, we made salads with mixed greens, tomatoes, Mandarin oranges and cashews. When the mushrooms were warm, we added them to the salad.


My favorite were the garlic portabellas, but the barbeque was also popular. The kids gobbled them up and never once asked why we eat such weird food in our house.

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