Turn on the Oven Tuesday – Frog Party Food

I started Turn on the Oven Tuesday to show my kids how my kitchen appliances work.  I’m on travel for work this week, so I’m happy to report that I do not need to cook.  I am also happy to report that I stole these Froggy Party ideas from my friend.  She did turn on the oven to make these awesome cupcakes.

For a very froggy birthday party my friend made regular cupcakes.  She frosted them with blue “water” icing.  Next she used Premade Fondant to make lilly pads and frogs.  The frogs are balls of Premade Fondant with Food Marker smiles.  She claims it was as easy as playing with Play-doh.

As if that was not impressive enough, she made a froggy fruit salad. She cut the “mouth” out of the watermelon and used a Melon Baller to scoop out the the inside. She then used toothpicks to secure two lime eyes.  She filled the watermelon back up with fruit.  The kids loved it.



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