Try your luck with these $5 Plum District Promo Codes – Expires 3.15.12


Plum District is a daily deal site focused on Moms. I have a few $5 off promo codes. The first 3 people to use the code, will get $5 off. If the code doesn’t work, it means someone else grabbed it already.

Try you luck with these codes? You have nothing to lose and (maybe) $5 to gain!

To use the code, go HERE. Click on “Sign Up”. When you fill in your information, enter one of the promo codes below.



Code is good for a one-time $5 credit. To redeem the code, you must have or create a Plum District account and enter the code in your account.  Limit one per household.

Hurry.  The codes expire on 3.15.12!

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