“I Love School” Lunch Boxes

Each week I make my son cool lunches to take to school. In return he looks forward to going to school. This week was the week of the sub sandwich.

For the first lunch, I made a spinach and cheese sub and added green peppers and veggie chips. Nothing too special, but the sandwich bread elevated it to “cool” status.

Having impressed him with the fancy bread, I used it again for his next lunch. This time he got a spinach and cheese sandwich with eyes (from a cheese stick, food markers and toothpicks) and a spinach tongue. Joe said it was a mouse sandwich and I went along with it. I also made him a crab made from Babybel cheese as the body. The eyes and claws were made from cheese stick slices, food markers and toothpicks. I thought this was really clever but Joe was not all that impressed… until his little sister wanted to eat it. Then he thought it was super cool and he had to have it NOW.

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